We know that battery health is one of the biggest concerns for most people, so that is why we offer the OzMobiles Battery Health Guarantee. On arrival, your ex-demo or pre-owned phone could have anywhere between 80% and 100% of its original battery performance, but if it ever drops below 80% health during your warranty period (at least 12 months) we're happy to arrange for it to be replaced or repaired for free.

To check the battery health of your iPhone:

Go to Settings > Battery > HealthThis page will show you the battery health percentage of your iPhone. 

To check the battery health of your newer model Samsung phone:

Go to Settings > Battery and Device Care. The "smiley face" icon at the top of the screen will tell you if the battery is healthy

To check the battery health of your Android or older model Samsung phone:

Download the Accubattery App, let the battery drain to no more than 10%, then fully charge it to 100% and check the "health" section of the app. 

If you have any concerns about your device's battery health, please feel free to submit an enquiry. Please send a screenshot of the health page for extra fast service.